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The warlord is one of the classes in Desktop Dungeons. It is unlocked by clearing the normal dungeon as a berserker. Warlords are bold fighters that fight their hardest when their life is on the line and make the best use of their potions.

  • Defiant - start with the CYDSTEPP glyph
  • Determined - +30% bonus damage when health is below half
    피가 반이하일때 30%추가 데미지
  • Courageous - drinking a mana potion causes next attack to do +30% damage (not cumulative)
    마나포션 먹은후 다음 30%추가 데미지
  • 종족:
    휴먼이나 놈.

    Binlor Ironshield 도 괜찮다. 마법쓸때마다 페널티 말고
    Mystera Annur
    Jehora Jeheyu

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