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  1. 2013.01.17 [Gnomoria] v0.8.25 released (1)

[Gnomoria] v0.8.25 released

2013.01.17 21:00 from Games


워크샵을 맘데로 못만듬. 필요한 물품이 있음.

crude워크샵을 처음에 만들고 발전 시켜야함.

50개의 새로운 아이템

레시피 업데이트

crude workbench bonecarver 추가

job completion time 증가(?)

무기 그림 바뀜

workshop 안그려지는 버그 해결

다음패치는 버그, 시체, 상인 위주로 업데이트.

This update is the start of an overhaul of crafting and items.  Overall, it won't be vastly different from what you're used to.  There are around 50 new items this patch, where most of them are intermediate items used to craft workshops or finished goods.  Many recipes have had their ingredient quantities reduced but might require more steps to craft from scratch.  Job completion times have also been increased across the board.

There is also a stricter progression of workshops now.  In order to build a workshop, many require a specific item that is crafted in a different workshop.  The first workshop that can be built is a Crude Workbench.  This workshop works slower than others but doesn't craft anything that can't be crafted somewhere else.  Once other workshops have been built, the Crude Workbench is safe to deconstruct.

When loading old save games, some jobs that are no longer valid will be cancelled.  After loading a game, it would be a good idea to just check your workshops to see where you might need to recreate jobs.  However, to get the full experience of the changes, I recommend starting a new game with this update.

With an update like this, I'll be closely watching everyone's feedback and expect to make some adjustments.  Some things might be much harder or easier now and I'll try to work out the kinks as quick as I can.

For the next patch, I plan on focusing on fixing bugs.  After that, I will continue along changes that go with today's patch:

New crops and updated food and drink recipes

New constructions such as, fences, tapestries, tombs, etc

Adjustments to plant growth and animal breeding rates

Updated item and construction values, as well as updates to formulas for spawning gnomads, merchants and enemies

New merchant types to offer more and better goods

UI updates for things like feedback on why jobs aren't starting, allowing items to queue for crafting when components haven't been discovered yet

v0.8.25 changelog


Added 50 new items

Updated many recipes

Added Crude Workbench and Bonecarver

Increased job completion time


Added knife, windmill blade, cylinder, spike, grain, chisel, wrench and straw bed tiles

Updated various existing tiles


Some workshop tiles always drawing as if they were in light

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